dr Janusz Roszkiewicz

Janusz Roszkiewicz – adjunct at the Centre of Human Rights, Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw. In 2016, he graduated with honors from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw, after defending the work written under the supervision of Professor Leszek Bosek entitled “Freedom of conscience of a legal person.” During his studies, he completed internships i.a. in the Constitutional Tribunal, the Sejm Analysis Office and the European Parliament in Brussels. In 2016-2018 he was a doctoral student at the Chair of Constitutional Law of the University of Warsaw, where he conducted exercises in constitutional law. Since 2018, he has been cooperating with the Centre of Human Rights of the University of Warsaw.

In 2020, under the supervision of Professor Marcin Wiącek defended his doctoral dissertation with distinction on the techniques of interpreting the legal provisions regulating powers of the state. In 2016-2018 he was an assistant to the President of the General Counsel’s Office of the Republic of Poland, and in 2018-2022 – an assistant to a Supreme Court judge.

Since 2022, he has been working as a senior specialist in the Constitutional, International and European Law Team in the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights. He belongs to the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Warsaw. Author of several dozen publications in the field of constitutional, European and medical law.

He can be contacted at j.roszkiewicz@wpia.uw.edu.pl