2010 European Integration: enhanced protection or a threat to individual freedom and liberty?

Prof. Christophe Hillion (University of Leyden),
Prof. Franz Mayer (Universität von Bielefeld), &
Prof. Mirosław Wyrzykowski (Uniwersytet Warszawski)
will moderate the 9th student research seminar in European Constitutionalism that will take place 10-12 May 2010 in locations indicated in the timeline of the seminar below.

All participants are welcome.

I.       Human Rights and Security in Europe

Monday 10 May 2010, 17h00-20h00, room 15 Kazimierzowski Palace

  1. EU powers and competences in justice and home affairs (1), Enric Cano Romero & Carlos Sancho
  2. Is the EU’s accession to the ECHR a boost to human rights protection? (2), Gustav Dahlin, Agnieszka Kwiatkowska & Helena Paulsson
  3. Balancing security and individual liberties in the Constitution of Poland, Germany, &c., and the ECHR: A comparative perspective (v. 2) ((Balancing Security and Individual Liberties first draft) (5), Mona Klarkowska, Łukasz Lasek & Robert Rybski

II.      Security and Privacy in Europe

Tuesday 11 May 2010,  17h00-20h00, room Brudziński, Kazimierzowski Palace

  1. The standard of the right to security (conceived of as the obligation of the state) under ECHR, the Charter, and the Constitution (4), Loic Alves, Silvia Anna Gawronski & Marcin Stupak
  2. The standard of privacy protection (ECHR, the Charter, the Constitution) (3), Patrick Tschech & Marija Zrno
  3. The Data Retention Directive (6), Xabier de la Mota, Ana Navarro & IvánSaldaña

III.    Applied Right to Privacy

Wednesday 12 May 2010, 09h00-12h00, room 308 Old Library (NB. no powerpoint possible due to ceiling windows).

  1. The SWIFT agreement: challenging the superpower? (7), Olivier Bousseau
  2. Passenger name records: the transatlantic dimension (EU-US PNR Agreement), EU-US PNR Agreement Bibliography (8) Katarzyna Kopyłowska & Frauke Kruse
  3. Horizontal Application of Fundamental Rights: the Right to Privacy on the Internet (9), François Nawrot, Katarzyna Syska &Przemysław Świtalski